Reasons to Use Epoxy

10 Reasons to Use Epoxy

Epoxy is becoming quite popular and rightly so. The coating is a super durable, high gloss polyamine hardener. Epoxy flooring and epoxy countertops are the new rage and there is a multitude of reasons why. Here is a list of just some of the many great reasons why people choose BUFFCrete to install an epoxy floor.

1. Epoxy Floors are Cost Effective

Epoxy is an affordable option. First, in most cases you don’t have to worry about removing your current floor, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. And if we run into any imperfections we can quickly treat them. Will you can try to install the epoxy yourself professional installation will be a worthwhile investment. Your epoxy can last a lifetime if done right. Professionals like the ones we have on staff at BUFFCrete goes through rigorous training for weeks to ensure our team is up to date on all the latest techniques.

2. Epoxy Has a Sleek High Gloss Look

As mentioned briefly above, Epoxy floor coatings have a sleek look. A solid epoxy color can look super sleek or implement a design for a granite or marble look and feel. The shiny surface complements any decorative lighting you have in place.

Also epoxy covers defects your floor may have sustained. Epoxy comes in a variety of designs and color options to outfit your space in the right tones.

In addition, decorative chips can be added to the epoxy mixture for a speckled look. The chips come in n array of mica or quartz and can also help traction.

3. Durable

Epoxy is great for high traffic area. And this is why it was first used mainly on garage floor and commercial areas. Garage floors were an ideal candidate since cars can emit many corrosive chemicals that will not seep into epoxy. Epoxy features many kinds of resistance which add to its reputation as a hardy flooring method. It bears the brunt of heavy shock, heat, chemicals and water. It’s perfect for garages since cars can emit many corrosive chemicals.

Epoxy will not tear or peal. When done right and installed by a professional epoxy floor installer you can rest assured of the strength of your product. If epoxy bonds to the concrete properly and maintains a standard rigidity, then the surface will be stable enough to hold heavy loads and wear and tear.

4. Heat-Resistant

Epoxy also can resist certain levels of heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat resistance is ideal for garages, kitchen flooring and countertops.

5. Chemical-Resistant

Chemicals that are either left behind will not affect epoxy. Chemicals can easily be cleaned up without damaging your epoxy floor.

6. Water-Resistant

Unlike wood floors, epoxy is not afraid of water. Epoxy is completely flood and water-resistant. Fridge break, flood in your basement? Your floor will still be perfect.

7. Epoxy Can Make Your Underlying Floor Stronger

Epoxy is a sealant and will actually protect your concrete and other floorings. This impressive shield goes right over the underlying surface. And the concrete beneath the epoxy will last longer as the epoxy bonds to the top of the flooring. You’ve probably noticed concrete cracking or crumbling over the years. This won’t happen with epoxy.

This surface will not retain stains and keeps defects from appearing in the concrete.

8. Easy to Clean

Epoxy surfaces are so easy clean. As you know concrete on its own is quite course. Of course, sweeping a concrete is a nightmare and just try mopping a concrete floor, no thanks! The smoothness of epoxy makes clean ups a breeze. Plain water, soap and water, bleach…. whatever you want to use to clean will work on epoxy.

So whether you choose to use a mop, broom or vacuum, cleaning epoxy floor coating is a simple process. Even bacteria, germs, grime and other contaminants do not adhere to epoxy, so it is an effective and sanitary coating.

9. Increases Light and Can Make Your Room Look Larger

Epoxy surfaces reflects light to illuminate that can help illuminate an entire room depending on the colors you choose. Most epoxy choices have a sheen that produces an elegant look. If you are replacing an area that previously had concrete, hardwoods or carpet it can certainly brighten the room.

10. Completely Customizable

Unlike granite and marble that come in slabs where you are limited by what is in stock or the stones available, epoxy is completely customizable. And we can literally use any solid color or color combination to give you the exact look you are looking for. Just check out our gallery to get some ideas.

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