Concrete Polishing

Polishing concrete is very similar to sanding wood. However, when sanding wood you can many times handle it yourself.  When polishing concrete you need the right equipment and proper training. Machines equipped with diamond-segmented abrasives are used to grind down concrete surfaces, similar to sandpaper.  It can be ground to your desired degree of shine and smoothness. Just like sanding wood, you gradually progress from coarser-grit to finer-grit abrasives. And your result is a glossy, mirror-like finish.

What is the Best Method for Concrete Polishing

You can polish concrete using wet or dry methods. Although each has its advantages, dry polishing is the method most commonly used in the industry today because it’s faster, more convenient, and environmentally friendly. And that is the method we use at BUFFCrete. Wet polishing uses water to cool the diamond abrasives and eliminate grinding dust. Because the water reduces friction and also acts as a lubricant, it increases the life of the polishing abrasives. The downside to this method is the the cleanup. Wet polishing creates a tremendous amount of excess that must collected and disposed. With dry polishing, no water is required. Instead, the floor polisher is hooked up to a dust-containment system that vacuums up virtually all of the mess. We can also hang plastic between door openings to further reduce any dust.